Garage Sale FUN!!

We had a garage sale on Friday & Saturday and to pass the time we decided to have some fun.........................

Monica & I with our very fabulous new headgear.......

and here's Tammy "gettin' hideous"..........

and Dad, the wanna-be pirate who apparently forgot to put his teeth in this morning!

and Aunt Patti with peace and a very special bib..........

And here is Dad's premier of the "Dipsy Doodle". Be sure to check out his form. What lines, what grace...............

And then we had to pack up what didn't sell to give to Goodwill. Tammy is doing a fine job of it..............hey wait a minute, I want to keep her!


My kids!

These are the two kids I take care of on the occasional evening. It's been a dry spell and I hadn't seen them in over a month and I was going through withdrawals! I was so excited when I got to go see them again. Brayden just turned 9 and Andrea just turned 7. I have been taking care of them since Brayden was 4 weeks old so I'm a little attached to say the least!
And here they are stalling before bedtime "take one more picture. now just one more. now I need just one more picture of me too."
So fun!



Kiona & I decided to model some wonderful pairs of eyeglasses to show everyone what is the happening style these days:

Kiona is modeling a vintage pair previously worn by Grandma Frances Zbylski and I am sporting the awesome style last worn by my mama.............in public..................where people could see!!!!!


4th of July

On the Fourth of July we went to Grand Coulee Dam to see the laser light show and watch the fireworks.

Mike & Mikelle & Carol - all just waiting for the show to start!

Laureen & Brent & baby girl (Tian was sleeping in the stroller). Brent apparently thinks he's too cool with his shades & hat!

And Tammy & I

While we were waiting a fire broke out up in the hills. It's hard to see with that tree right in the way but that orange speck is the fire. They managed to get it contained rather quickly or else that could have been really bad!!
And then the fireworks. As you can see the "fireworks" setting on my camera is really swell!

Tammy's camera took much better fireworks pictures!

Moving (not me!!)

I spent Fourth of July weekend helping Brent & Laureen move into their new house outside of Wilbur. I had fun taking pictures of all the fun stuff on their property. (Notice how I didn't seem to get any pictures of the actual house!!)

Old red barn - very cool. Scared the birds that are living inside it when we went to check it out!

Tammy & Tian - so for cute!! (oh look, there's the house in the background!!)

Old gas pumps. I think it said 21 cents a gallon!! 21 cents!!!!!!! Bring back those days!

Old school bus that was made into a hunting camper

Tian telling us how it is and looking so very cute!

Summer B-B-Q

We had a b-b-q at Tammy's house just for the fun of it. It was nice to just hang out and relax - good laughs!

Melissa playing red light / green light with the kids. Not sure what Kaylee is doing here (maybe she was losing her drawers!)

Just hanging out - having a good time!

Jumping on

I decided to jump on the band wagon and get a blog going about my very exciting life (why can't there be a font that shows sarcasm?!?!) Maybe you'll find it interesting and maybe you won't but at any rate, leave me a comment and join my circle of friends - (I need all the friends I can get!)