4th of July

On the Fourth of July we went to Grand Coulee Dam to see the laser light show and watch the fireworks.

Mike & Mikelle & Carol - all just waiting for the show to start!

Laureen & Brent & baby girl (Tian was sleeping in the stroller). Brent apparently thinks he's too cool with his shades & hat!

And Tammy & I

While we were waiting a fire broke out up in the hills. It's hard to see with that tree right in the way but that orange speck is the fire. They managed to get it contained rather quickly or else that could have been really bad!!
And then the fireworks. As you can see the "fireworks" setting on my camera is really swell!

Tammy's camera took much better fireworks pictures!


Anonymous said...

way to be a winner and give me credit for my pics, well at least one of them!!

Sarah said...

yay! i'm excited you're joining the blogging world. looking forward to future posts!

KIONA said...

bex i love you <3

farmermarvswife said...

Since you don't have anything new on here I'll comment on old - Did you know Uncle Marv & I went to Grand Coulee on our Honeymoon! I thought you would like to know that! : )
Aunt Minnie