Happy Sweet 16 Monica!

Monica is Sweet 16 today! We had a little party for her at mom & dads:


Cookie Exchange

Tammy & I had planned a cookie exchange in December but ended up having to cancel it due to the tiny bit of snow we got! :) We were bummed so decided to reschedule it and have a Valentine's Day theme.

Lots of fun, games, and laughs!
Shirley, Jan, Megan, Mary Ellen, Cynde, Sondra, Mom, Sonja, Donna, & Donna
Sandy, Tammy, & Melissa
We ended up with 15 different varieties!



I took "my" kids to the Polka Dot Pottery for some FUN! (Tammy came too) :)

Andrea made a plate for her teacher. She said that her teacher was having a baby and she hadn't gotten her anything yet! So for cute!!

Brayden painted a shark with blood on it's mouth :-z
And Tammy painted Brayden!

I tell you - You can't take this girl anywhere!!!

Maybe I'll take a page out of Tammy's book and do a post of all my finished products. Someday........................

Kaylee's Gingerbread play

Kaylee's Gingerbread play that got cancelled in December because of the snow was rescheduled in January.

Here's Kaylee the teradachtyl:

Brent's B-Day

We missed Brent's Birthday party so next time we went down we took him his present...........

Happy Birthday to Tammy & Lisa

Tammy and Lisa get to celebrate their birthday's together!
Since they are both full of hot air, blowing out the candles was not a difficult task! :)

Wow - shower gel! Now I can finally smell nice!

Yay - scoopage ;)

Tammy and Kaylee acting goofy - typical!!

Starbucks gift cards galore...................

Tammy & I went down to Tri-Cities and saw Chloe & Nick & the kids. Tammy got another party with her very own cookie tower:

Reid being goofy:

And Luca :)