Cookie Exchange

Tammy & I had planned a cookie exchange in December but ended up having to cancel it due to the tiny bit of snow we got! :) We were bummed so decided to reschedule it and have a Valentine's Day theme.

Lots of fun, games, and laughs!
Shirley, Jan, Megan, Mary Ellen, Cynde, Sondra, Mom, Sonja, Donna, & Donna
Sandy, Tammy, & Melissa
We ended up with 15 different varieties!


Ruthie said...

YUM!!!!!!! Wish I could have been there! : (

Sarah said...

wow - lots of goodies! my cookies never turn out that cute.

farmermarvswife said...

oooh - these look so yummy you could almost eat them but -- we are doing way to much eating in Texas! Have a good one! Aunt Minnie