Ziploc omelets & Greenbluff!

We had brunch at my house complete with muffins, Ziploc omelets, muffins, fruit, and muffins! (we had a few muffins in case you were wondering!) :) About 30 peoples showed up!!
So fun!

Chowing down on their omelets:

Then we all headed up to Greenbluff for P U M P K I N S!!!

I stopped with Carmen at another farm on the way home and the girls insisted on my taking several pictures of them! Not that I minded since they are so adorable! :)


Small project

Just a small project to fit between the BIG ones :)
Tammy found this cute coffee dish towel at the dollar store. I used it to make a draft stopper for her backdoor (her kitchen is ALL about the coffee decor!)
Super easy to make: Turn towel inside out and sew opening creating a tube. Sew one end closed and turn right side out. Fill with dry beans and then sew the end closed.
and ta da:

No more chill-age coming through! :)




My first quilt!

I *finally* finished my very first quilt! I made it for Bria (Chad & Megen's little one) who was born in March. I didn't feel too bad about the delay ~ my excuse was that she wouldn't have needed it in the summer anyway!! :)
Here are some pics:
I hand quilted stars & circles on each of the squares:
The back was a very soft, fuzzy yellow: