Small project

Just a small project to fit between the BIG ones :)
Tammy found this cute coffee dish towel at the dollar store. I used it to make a draft stopper for her backdoor (her kitchen is ALL about the coffee decor!)
Super easy to make: Turn towel inside out and sew opening creating a tube. Sew one end closed and turn right side out. Fill with dry beans and then sew the end closed.
and ta da:

No more chill-age coming through! :)


Leon and Heidi said...

well my my...you are quite the crafty lady. and i love that you share with us by posting on here!!!

Becky Z said...

aww thanks Heidi! I'm sure having fun doing it! :)

Shaun said...

The dry beans were coffee beans I presume? To get the aroma correct.

Tammy Z said...

oh man, good thinking, shaun! i didn't even think of that. just regular old pinto beans! (maybe she can re-do it! ;-)

Becky Z said...

and waste perfectly good beans that we could instead brew up and drink?!?! i don't think so! :-p

Mrs. Z said...

We put up storm windows today and some of them are not too tight. Maybe I could get you to create "draft dodgers" for some of them. Really just kidding but I wouldn't turn them down if you did.The coffee bean idea sounds good!!