YeArBoOk FuN!!!!

So ummmm my roomies showed me this website and it creates a lot of good laughs! Here are some samples of what my yearbook photos would have looked like if I had graduated in a few of the past decades. If you want to try it out yourself, go to http://www.yearbookyourself.com/ and create some doozies :)

Year 1972---------------- Year 1976

Year 1978----------------Year 1980

Year 1984----------------Year 1986

Year 1994----------------Year 2000

HAVE FUN!!! :)


A little bit of this & that.......

So I haven't been doing much of anything lately. Haven't let town, haven't remodeled anymore rooms, have taken any exciting pictures...........

Lindsey & Juliette have both gotten moved in and we are all settling in. The toughest challange we have encountered so far is having only one bathroom for 3 girls! (particularily on Sunday mornings!!) :) We all like to cook so have been having a little bit of fun in the new kitchen!!

The girls have already had a get-together here for the young kids. I don't know yet if being around all these 18-19-20-21 year olds is making me feel old or if they are keeping me young............... :)

After living by myself for awhile I do have to say that it is nice having people around again.

We celebrated Patti's birthday here, 'twas quite fun. (that was also when the family saw what I had done!)
I also made a couple aprons this weekend:
Mary Engelbreit print:

And a red & white check with embroidery on the bottom. Now I can get cookin'!!!


I'm ready to let you all in on my secret................

Everyone was having so much fun trying to figure out my secret that I almost don't want to tell you what it is now. I said almost!

Of course I want to tell you - I am so excited about it. Well here it is:

And in case you don't know what you are looking at, check out the before pics...

Old flooring:
New flooring:

Old light fixture:
New light fixture:

And ta-dah: (sound the music!)

And last but certainly not least a huge, gi-normous, gargantuan thank you thank you thank you to Tammy who helped me pack up the old and set up the new and kept my secret for me! (Sorry I made you lie but it was all for a good cause!!) :)

Congrats to Suz & Jesse!

Suzanne & Jesse got married on Friday night, September 5, 2008
Congrats to the newly weds!


Labor Day Weekend

We went down to the thriving metropolis of Wilbur for Labor Day Weekend and had fun with Brent & Laureen & Tian & Lindi. Mike & Carol & Mikelle & Carter also were there!
On Saturday we went into Moses Lake for the concert in the park and saw Ricochet (remember - they sang "Daddy's Money")
Here's a video of them in a drum line - it was pretty funny! They said that it wasn't something that we'd ever see at a Dixie Chicks concert!

I think Tammy & Tian are playing ring around the rosy!

And here's the tired mama and the beautiful Lindi

So adorable!!!! (Eleven days old!)

Carter brought his batman outfit and even had grandma & grandpa getting into it!

Tian and his new baby sister :)