A little bit of this & that.......

So I haven't been doing much of anything lately. Haven't let town, haven't remodeled anymore rooms, have taken any exciting pictures...........

Lindsey & Juliette have both gotten moved in and we are all settling in. The toughest challange we have encountered so far is having only one bathroom for 3 girls! (particularily on Sunday mornings!!) :) We all like to cook so have been having a little bit of fun in the new kitchen!!

The girls have already had a get-together here for the young kids. I don't know yet if being around all these 18-19-20-21 year olds is making me feel old or if they are keeping me young............... :)

After living by myself for awhile I do have to say that it is nice having people around again.

We celebrated Patti's birthday here, 'twas quite fun. (that was also when the family saw what I had done!)
I also made a couple aprons this weekend:
Mary Engelbreit print:

And a red & white check with embroidery on the bottom. Now I can get cookin'!!!


Helen said...

Cute aprons- I didn't realize you were a sewer. Glad you are having fun with you new roomies- with all that remodeling why didn't you throw in another bathroom??

farmermarvswife said...

Nice to see the family grouping from Patti's b'day! : ) We've been having special days the last while with conventions. Nice to see Angie L. All now through this avenue! Aunt Minnie