My first quilt!

I *finally* finished my very first quilt! I made it for Bria (Chad & Megen's little one) who was born in March. I didn't feel too bad about the delay ~ my excuse was that she wouldn't have needed it in the summer anyway!! :)
Here are some pics:
I hand quilted stars & circles on each of the squares:
The back was a very soft, fuzzy yellow:


Dad Z said...

Becky: What a nice thing to do!!
You have a new talent among the many you already have! Luv ya!!

farmermarvswife said...

neat - did you hand quilt it? I've started working on another project, too -- like I need that! I'll tell you more about it later I need to get to bed now!

Mrs. Z said...

Looks very nice. Minnie - you are acting like me - missing part of the writing! She said she hand quilted. I am just giving you a hard time.

Ruthie said...

Becky- it looks beautiful. I will have to put on the pics of my sewing projects. : )

farmermarvswife said...

yes, I did -- guess I was too busy looking at the pictures. I always have done better with pictures! ha!

Becky Z said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Ruthie: you need to start a blog so we can keep up with what you've been up to!