I've been wanted to make my own pesto for awhile and I knew it wouldn't be difficult ~ it was just a matter of finally getting to it!
Fresh basil ~ smells so wonderful :)
It turned out so delicious! Better than any bottled kind I have bought. Had it for dinner last night with rice noodles & grilled chicken! yum-yum :)


Helen said...

Well I certainly hope you let Tammy have a taste of it :)

Leon and Heidi said...

Lol, Helen!

Becky!!! I'm so proud of you! I LOVE pesto, and yours looks VERY yummy. Next time youre feeling adventerous in the kitchen, invite me over. :)

Becky Z said...

Helen - i'm such a mean sister! i ate it without tammy! guess i'll just have to make more! :)

Heidi - good to know what you like......... you, tammy, & i should have a pesto party! :)

Mrs. Z said...

Youcan invite me also. Yum!!

Tammy Z said...

isn't she rude, helen?? ;-)