Moving (not me!!)

I spent Fourth of July weekend helping Brent & Laureen move into their new house outside of Wilbur. I had fun taking pictures of all the fun stuff on their property. (Notice how I didn't seem to get any pictures of the actual house!!)

Old red barn - very cool. Scared the birds that are living inside it when we went to check it out!

Tammy & Tian - so for cute!! (oh look, there's the house in the background!!)

Old gas pumps. I think it said 21 cents a gallon!! 21 cents!!!!!!! Bring back those days!

Old school bus that was made into a hunting camper

Tian telling us how it is and looking so very cute!


farmermarvswife said...

Hi - me again - sorry if this comes twice as I was having some troubles. I like the barn except the 'new' overhead door - it takes away from the charm but probably more practical

Helen said...

Like your pictures-Shaun will have to get you linked.