Jumping on

I decided to jump on the band wagon and get a blog going about my very exciting life (why can't there be a font that shows sarcasm?!?!) Maybe you'll find it interesting and maybe you won't but at any rate, leave me a comment and join my circle of friends - (I need all the friends I can get!)


farmermarvswife said...

Hi - wow you are just like me! I started a blog recently, too. Don't know if you noticed my link on The Hot Spot. I got my start with tutelage from my favor son-in-law. It takes me about an hour to get a post ready to post and then it is sort of like I want it! Happy posting to you and I'll be glad to be a link if you want me! One of your favorite aunts, Minnie

Mom said...

I will try this again but won't ramble on like I did in the lst attempt. Nice site. I bet I hit preview instead of publish because that shows up yellow. Duh:o