Christmas 2008


Ruthie came home!!

Good eats

(I couldn't even get all of them in the picture)

A few fun things for the kids

Princesess and a new Chiefs t-shirt for Kaylee

Legos and a Chief's had for Reagan

Also check out his cool new shirt from Aunt Donna:

Fun & Frivolity:

Kiona & Monica
Dad and his chocolate "Crisp Kringle" earrings!

Kiona, Tammy, and Reagan's best "Redneck Face"
Monica wins!

"And see here Dad, this is how my new goalie works"


This isn't a picture of Tammy looking adorable (I mean it is, but that's not what I was going for) but of the cookie snatcher in the background. She just couldn't decide what to pick! Decisions, decisions.............
Kaylee and her Daddy

Dad surveying all the "Fun and Frivolity"

More fun!!


farmermarvswife said...

I really do believe the talent scouts will be checking out the family! lol

Ruthie said...

Okay I know I have cute feet in pink slippers and adorable arms in a red shirt but no pics of my "pretty" face??? I am deeply hurt!!! : (

Becky Z said...

well i don't know what you're talking about!

farmermarvswife said...

Glad for the, shall we say - 'update'?? I was wondering about that myself! : ) from you know who

Ruthie said...

Thank you Becky Boo! I now feel like part of the family.

Brian said...

That cool new shirt with the goalie masks came from Santa Claus, not Donna.