Baking! mmmmmmmmmmmm

So I went a little crazy with my baking this year but there's not a whole lot else to do with all this snow!

Sugar Cookies:

Russian Teacakes:


(Auntie Minnie: You used to send these to dad and I just loved them so I decided to try and make them. Well I tried my finished product they tasted just like yours! I was so excited!!)

Shortbread with chocolate spread:


Ruthie said...

Yum yum yum yum yum! I am drooling just looking at the pics. I know I drool all the time but the front of my shirt is wet now! : )

Mom said...

Way to go Becky Boo! Are you a Polack? Russian is Russian!! We would be right over but the snow is TOO deep!
Love Mom

Mom said...

I just read the top of your winter madness blog and was wondering did you make these out of snow???

Becky Z said...

I knew it was an "a" - just didn't proof very well! thanks to my mama, i get straightened out!!

Becky Z said...

you talking about the russiAn teacakes? well yeah, since there was so much laying around........... :)

farmermarvswife said...

Your cookies all look good! Thanks for the reminder about sending your dad those cookies! I'd forgotten and didn't know before that you were also fond of them. They are an old stand by for us "Murrays". I can remember your Grandma M. making them back about as far as I can remember! : ) All the other cookies look good, too. Is that a mitten one? I have that cutter and everyone loves them (the dough is the same though...hmmm!) but it is hard to find the cutter. I've had mine for a long time. I better run now. Your new post didn't show up for me yesterday! Hope the snow is abating??? Helen and household hope to come today but we have freezing rain in the forecast so plans may get changed! Have a good one! Aunt Minnie