The building behind my office caught fire and it was a doozy! We could feel the heat from our yard.

The pictures don't really do it justice to how big it was:

And then our parking lot turned into a lake from all the water they were spraying and we also have a rushing river going down our street!

And then on top of all that we got evacuated because of a threat of Anhydrous Ammonia! So who knows when we will get back in there!! Which is great to get to leave early but at this time of year I have way too much stuff to do to be fooling off!!


farmermarvswife said...

Wow! And is there another storm coming your way, too! This will be a season for you to remember. Also did I hear a roof of a grocery store collapsed in Spokane, too. Aunt Minnie

Becky Z said...

Yes another storm, thanks for reminding me! ;-) I am running out of room to put it when i shovel! The roof was a Rosauers (but not Brian's) and everyone got out safely. The carport at Brian & Lisa's apt building collapsed too but Brian had roped it off so no one was parked under it - thanks goodness! Crazy winter - will definately remember this one!!

Anonymous said...

The radio said all the Rosauer's stores in Spokane were closed today for safety reasons. Radio is usually right but I have not confirmed it.

farmermarvswife said...

I thought it said Rosauer's on the video clip I watch but I didn't think it looked like the one near your folks -- not sure that is the one that Brian works! Be careful! : ) aunt Minnie

brian said...

good thing they evacualted your building cause you wouldn't want to see anyone catch ammonia