Holiday Baking! mmmmm....... :D

I was almost ready to give up my usual holiday baking this year since I lost my spacious kitchen and the new one is ummm, rather small shall we say! :p
However, my former boss told me I could use his kitchen (lots of room and TWO ovens!) so I went out there on Saturday and baked to my little heart's content! Should have seen me wearing out those 2 ovens! :p
Made 8 different cookies, 7 of which I have never made before! I won't make all of them again but I had fun trying out new recipes!
~~Peppermint meltaways (definate winner!)
~Double chocolate snowquakes (winner)
~Jam thumbprints
~Roly Polys
~Crisp Lemon tea cookies
~Santa's eggnog cups
~Crackle spice drops
~Rum logs


farmermarvswife said...

can you come this weekend and do mine for me?

Shaun said...

We will take some eggnog cups and some of those sugar cookie looking ones. USPS Priority mail please.

Becky Z said...

Oh Shaun - won't your wife make you any cookies? :p

Alxe Lu said...

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