Let's play catch up!

Some of the *stuff* that's gone on this summer...............
Kaylee's Birthday: making her a Barbie cake
Ta da :)
Went to the Riverhawks game:
Lisa & Donna
The kids got to run the bases after the game:
Fourth of July picnic at Tammy's house. She puts out quite the spread! :)
The neighborhood rabbit. He just runs around the neighborhood. I found him in my backyard munching on my weeds!
We went up to Greenbluff to pick blueberries! yum :)
Tammy & I went and helped Lindi celebrate her #1 birthday!
Tammy & I bought Brian this cookie bouquet for passing his boards :) Here comes Nurse Z!
Went to the county fair.......
and this is the first sign we see:
Lindi checking out Mr. Pig
Some pretty flowers at the fair:
and a praying mantis
Tian bowling in the kid zone:

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Mrs. Z said...

Looks like you pretty much covered it all. Neat pictures.