Purple Potatos!!

This is so random but it was too weird not to share! A guy I work with grows purple potatos. Now when he told me this I assumed he meant that the outside was a purple-ish color. No.......the INSIDE is purple, bright purple! Wouldn't these make for some fun french fries!
The pics are kind of fuzzy but you can tell what a bright color purple they are!
I peeled off just the skin it was even a brighter purple than the inside.
Purple Potatos - who'd a thunk it? :0)


farmermarvswife said...

I think when you cook them they get brown! I grew purple beans one year and thought they would be neat and when cooked they look just like green beans - what a bummer! Keep us posted to what happens with them!
Aunt Minnie

farmermarvswife said...

up date - Marv things they won't change color much when you cook them.

brian said...

Would it make purple vodka?

Shaun said...

I'm pretty sure that Barney eats them.