Air Show

On Sunday afternoon we went out to some friend's house who live by the Fairchild AirForce Base and watched the airshow.

Also saw the Blue Angels:
video video


Tammy Z said...

wow, i didn't realize you got such good pics!! way to go!

Minnie said...

Air shows are one extracurricular activity I enjoy going to. I think it is the Blue Angels we have seen a few times. You can also get a great sunburned face if it is in the summer time! Interesting to hear Brian & Lisa in the background! : ) I finally got all the bugs out of my computer (I think)so can get something new on my blog!

Tammy Z said...

aunt minnie...amazing that you heard brian since he wasn't there! :o)

farmermarvswife said...

Oops - I really thought it was Brian and Lisa saying some like - are they upsidedown!! Yes, they are -- didn't relook at them just now!! Thatis funny! Aunt Minnie